Life Imitates “West Wing”

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Was there something about that meeting last Thursday in Chicago between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that seemed the teensiest bit familiar?

Vinick is sure this is about getting Baker approved, “Everyone will know this is a phony offer.”
“This isn’t about Baker. I want you for Secretary of State. you’re my first choice…. I will get Baker confirmed. I don’t need you for that.”
“”Secretary of State is not something you throw at the other party to show how bipartisan you are. The job is way more important than that. This is your representative to the world.”
“I agree.”
“You think you can make me Secretary of State and then ignore me and run all foreign policy out of the White House? …Because anyone good enough to appoint would quit the day you try and go around the State Department.”
“I don’t want to go around you, I want you to do the job.”
“And when we disagree.”
“I will give you all the time you need to set me straight and then I would expect you to go out there and sell whatever decision I make.”
“I’d have to have my own Deputy Secretary.”
“Pick any Democrat you want.”
“…I don’t know. This is crazy. I don’t see how this can work.”
Santos decides to take this as an acceptance. “Here’s today’s intelligence report….” And they start solving their problems.