A Typo of Biblical Proportions

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Yesterday, I wrote a story about some highlights from Mike Huckabee’s new book, “Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That’s Bringing Common Sense Back To America.” I quoted Huckabee commenting on what he saw as misplaced priorities among some social conservatives. “I lamented that so many people of faith had moved from being prophetic voices — like Naaman, confronting King David in his sin and saying, ‘Thou art the man!’ — to being voices of patronage, and saying to those in power, ‘You da’ man!’ ” Huckabee wrote.

As a couple of bloggers have since pointed out, Huckabee made an error in that sentence. It was Nathan, not Naaman, who confronted King David. Naaman, on the other hand, was a great Syrian Army captain who suffered from leprosy. (If only I had spent more time on the campaign trail putting down my BlackBerry and cracking open my hotel Gideon, I might have caught this. Alas.)

UPDATE: A Huckabee aide tells me that the mistake has been fixed for subsequent printings of the book.