A Health Care Role for Hillary

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As long as we are talking so much about her options these days, here’s one: After lobbying unsuccessfully to have a health care reform subcommittee created for her to chair on Teddy Kennedy’s Health Committee, Hillary Clinton is being asked to head one of three task forces that he is creating on the subject, two Democratic sources tell me. Hers would deal with the issue of coverage.

Unless, of course, she goes to the State Department instead. Which she probably will.

UPDATE: Here’s the announcement:


Washington, DC— Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, today established three working groups of the committee to deal with critical issues of health reform. Under Senator Kennedy’s direction, the working groups will concentrate on three areas essential to comprehensive reform: (1) prevention and public health, (2) improvements in the quality of care, and (3) insurance coverage. Senator Tom Harkin will lead the working group on prevention and public health, Senator Barbara Mikulski will lead the working group on improvements in quality, and Senator Hillary Clinton will lead the working group on insurance coverage. Senator Kennedy released the following statement:

“Our committee is fortunate to have the services of major leaders who are committed to improving health care for the American people. Senator Harkin, Senator Mikulski, and Senator Clinton have generously offered to step forward and assume an expanded role on critical aspects of health reform. I commend them for their leadership, and I look forward very much to working with them, with all our colleagues on the committee and throughout Congress, and with the Obama Administration to achieve the goal at long last of quality, affordable health care for all Americans.”