John McCain Sleeps Like A Baby

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He appeared last night on the Tonight Show. Some Highlights:

On Sarah Palin: “Did you expect mavericks to stay on message?”

On discord within his campaign: “I think I have at least 1,000 top advisers. ‘Top advisers said…’ “

On sleeping like a baby: “Sleep two hours, wake up and cry. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry.”

On the Republican Party: “We just got back from the woodshed.”

On the main reason he lost: “I think personality.”

Full transcript here. Video here.

ALSO: As some commenters have noted, FRONTLINE did a fantastic documentary on the infuriating, amazing and tragic rise and fall of Lee Atwater, who is probably the single most influencial Republican strategist of the last two generations. As is FRONTLINE’s habit, there is a great website that goes along with the show, with a ton of information, video excerpts and interactive features.