In the Arena


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Ok. I don’t want to have too much fun at the expense of the neocons licking their wounds and behaving with characteristic obtuseness small-minded churlishness over at Commentary. Let Matt Duss do that. But I do feel much safer now that there is no chance that the neoconservatives will have a say in U.S. national security and foreign policy. Indeed, what has emerged during the past few months is a centrist consensus, including most of the Bush 41 foreign policy team, the uniformed military, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party’s best known experts, on the way to proceed in Iraq, Afghanistan, talks with Syria and Iran and many of the other problems we face in the greater Middle East. 

Still, I would also like to encourage Randy Scheunemann, Bill Kristol et al to continue to coalesce around Sarah Palin–her intellectual rigor and clarity, especially on foreign policy, indicate that she represents the real future of the neoconservative movement.

Finally, this piece by Sam Tanenhaus is a very perceptive look at the problems facing the Republican Party.