Sarah Palin and Ted Stevens

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Marc Ambinder finds Sarah Palin’s silence on whether Ted Stevens should resign to be “curious,” and wonders:

Why is it, exactly, that while Sen. McCain called for Sen. Ted Stevens to resign in the wake of his corruption convictions, Gov. Palin couldn’t bring herself to utter the word?  Will the media interpret this as a disagreement between the candidates?  Was yesterday’s statement a Palin audible?

Maybe, but unlike John McCain, Palin has role to play in all this that goes beyond public pronouncements. If Stevens resigns, she has to appoint a temporary successor pending a special election. Alaska law has been changed a number of times with respect to this question.

But here’s a tantalyzing possibility: If Stevens were somehow to squeak through this election, and then be forced to resign after exhausting his appeals, might Sarah Palin decide to appoint … Sarah Palin?