Bill Ayers gutted your 401K. Who Knew?

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According to a new 30-second spot from the McCain campaign and the RNC, there is a connection between Barack Obama’s association with domestic-terrorist-turned-professor-turned-Chicago-citizen-of-the-year Bill Ayers and the collapse of the housing, financial and credit markets. The connection is so obvious, the ad doesn’t bother to explain it — it just jumps from talking ominously about Obama’s “blind ambition” in associating with Ayers to, abruptly, the alleged role of congressional liberals in blocking regulation and pushing for more shaky mortgages. And the connection is? As Howard Wolfson says, the ad is schizophrenic. It doesn’t make sense. Which means voters probably won’t buy it.

NOTE: As some folks have pointed out, campaign finance rules require the McCain ad to mention “congressional liberals” because this ad is a joint production with the RNC. The rule forces campaigns to be creative — but it helps if their ads still make sense. This one doesn’t.