Sarah Palin Is Her Own New Bicycle

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Republicans seem to be bringing up abortion a lot lately — I suppose it’s one issue that will turn out the Evangelicals for whom the ticket would ideally be reversed. Palin, of course, is the ideal spokesperson for this message so I was expecting something fiery from her appearance on the Laura Ingraham show today. Sure enough, Ingraham asked her what’s the “first thing” she would do, as vice-president, to promote “a culture of life.” She did one of her verbal curlicues and I wasn’t taking note, but, essentially she said she would be a role model. “My family and I can be an example” of “not just talking the talk but walking the walk.”

Now, I’m not strongly pro-life myself, but if I was, I think this answer would be kinda unsatisfactory, huh? Heck, even if I weren’t strongly pro-life, just kinda pro-life, I think I would be disturbed that my nominee has, apparently, no idea how she might prevent abortions from happening. Then again, if I were 17, I would be super excited to follow her family’s example when it comes to teen sex! (If not the family planning part… which, hey, is a way to prevent abortions!)