Signs of the Apocalypse

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You know it’s bad for Republicans when…two new polls out of the Old Dominion give the Democratic candidate for president a double digit lead there…when three recent polls show John McCain trailing by double digits in the state that made him a national political figure…and when a new survey of Minnesotans suggests Al Franken could be sworn into the U.S Senate next January. Is a 60-seat Democratic majority in the Senate possible? There may be froth in some of these poll numbers, but it appears neither Sarah Palin’s debate performance nor the passage of the financial bailout bill has slowed, let alone reversed, the pro-Obama, anti-GOP trend that’s been gathering momentum for two and half weeks. Which means McCain will feel enormous pressure tomorrow night to produce a game-changing moment, lest the trend become irreversible and Republicans start ruminating openly about how to rebuild from the ashes of an apocalyptic defeat.

UPDATE: Another sign: Howard Wolfson agrees with Charles Krauthammer. Surely this means the end is nigh!