The Great Schlep

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This press release just arrived in my emailbox. (And let the record show, Joel Stein thought of this first.): launches “The Great Schlep” – a national effort to mobilize young Jews to persuade their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama; Actress and Comic Sarah Silverman releases video to promote effort

NEW YORK – The central repository for pro-Obama messaging in the Jewish community launched a new campaign today to mobilize young Jews to go to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama.

The campaign, “The Great Schlep,” was officially introduced with the release today of an irreverent video from Sarah Silverman promoting the effort with the proclamation: “If Barack Obama doesn’t win this election, I am going to blame the Jews, so get your fat Jewish asses on a plane to Florida.”

Using cutting-edge political mobilization technology pioneered by, volunteers, also known as “schleppers” will have the tools to network and coordinate outreach efforts in the key swing states like Florida. Droga5, a New York-based advertising agency, produced the Silverman video and is well known in the advertising world, especially for their recent Mark Echo – Air Force 1 viral video that was viewed millions of times.

Sarah Silverman’s video can be viewed at