Re: Does This Mean Anything?

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The answer to Karen’s question is probably, No. Then again, as long as we’re waiting for the actual answer, couldn’t the fact that takes you to the Obama campaign website mean that Obama is going to pick Ben Nelson, not Bill? After all, someone wrote this last paragraph on the Nebraska Democrat’s wikipedia page:

In the 2008 Democratic Party primary elections Nelson endorsed fellow senator Barack Obama. He is now talked about as a potential running mate for Obama, who has declared his intention to try to gain a number of normally Republican states in the west, including Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and Nevada. In addition to boosting Obama’s support in the region, it is thought by some that Nelson could bring him much-needed credibility in terms of executive experience, and also that he could help balance the ticket in ideological terms by appealing to the more conservative-minded Democrats and even moderate Republicans across the country.

Again, the answer is almost certainly, No. Such thin gruel is all we’ve got thanks to the Obama campaign, which has done a swell job of keeping the truth a secret.