Obama Plot EXPOSED!

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Drat that darn protective pool! Now they’ve spoiled the surprise:

After your poolers pulled away from Montana Technical College, home of the
Diggers, at around 5:20, the bus made its way up toward old, historic Butte
and pulled up to the Clark Chateau Museum, a mansion from Butte’s glory

The pool was told repeatedly that Sen. Obama was merely doing a video shoot
for the campaign’s new media department, a routine operation. But Aliesh,
hired by Essence to do makeup, tipped your pool off that Obama was
accompanied by a famous film maker, as part of a film shoot for the
Democratic National Committee and the convention. Obama entered the mansion at 5:45. He re-emerged at 6:43, with a stylish film maker in tow and a crew carrying a film camera, NOT the small digital cameras.

Jen Psaki still maintains nothing is abnormal, but the filmmaker is Davis
Guggenheim, the Academy Award-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth.
His father, four-time Academy Award winner Charles Guggenheim, chronicled
John F. Kennedy. Credit Kim Chipman from Bloomberg with her brilliant
Googling prowess.

Davis Guggenheim spoke briefly to your pooler before realizing he shouldn’t
be. He then said he was merely traveling with his son in Montana and doing
some interviews. He promised to speak more after he consulted with the
campaign. More TK.