Another Wave Election?

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Not at the presidential level, where any sober analysis of the electoral map at this point suggests John McCain and Barack Obama are in a race that will be decided by one or two states. But the congressional map is something else altogether. The latest battleground poll and strategy memo from Democrats Stan Greenberg, Ana Iparraguirre and James Carville paints a grim picture for GOP House and Senate incumbents. They’re now predicting a second straight Democratic wave election, following the 2006 wipeout. Two waves in a row is a rarity. But the number of at-risk Republican seats continues to rise, as does the level of dissatisfaction among voters over the direction of the country, the state of the economy, gas prices, health care and President Bush’s job performance. Given the partisan source, you should take this poll and analysis with a grain of salt. But not too large a grain. I’ve yet to see a GOP poll that suggests the landscape looks much better.