Clyburn on Clinton: Some Wounds Don’t Heal Quickly

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In an interview with Mark Leibovich of the New York Times, Congressman Jim Clyburn–the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, and one of the most influential politicians in South Carolina–blasts Bill Clinton, calling the former President’s conduct during that state’s primary “bizarre”:

In an interview with The New York Times late Thursday, Mr. Clyburn said Mr. Clinton’s conduct in this campaign had caused what might be an irreparable breach between Mr. Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him. “When he was going through his impeachment problems, it was the black community that bellied up to the bar,” Mr. Clyburn said. “I think black folks feel strongly that that this is a strange way for President Clinton to show his appreciation.”

Mr. Clyburn added that there appeared to be an almost “unanimous” view among African-Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were “committed to doing everything they possibly can to damage Obama to a point that he could never win.”

Clinton, of course, recently accused the Obama campaign of playing the race card against him. This suggests things in the upcoming North Carolina primary could get a lot uglier.