Strange Facts Proven to be True

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• “Everybody’s favorite space dog Laika now has a statue near Moscow’s Military Medicine Institute!” [Boing Boing]

Yes, I’ve read it.

• “The newsreel footage from the old Soviet days kept confusing me. Stein does know that the Stalinists rejected the theory of evolution as a biological rendition of capitalism, doesn’t he? And that they replaced it with their own ideologically driven, disastrous theory of Lysenkoism? Does Stein think that moviegoers won’t know this?” [SciAm]

• “According to its billing records, BBI … conducted background checks and performed due diligence for the Carlyle Group, the Washington-based investment firm; it provided “protective services” for the National Rifle Association; … it engaged in “information collection” for Wal-Mart … Also listed as clients in BBI records: Halliburton and Monsanto.” [MJ]

• “Girls just love to expose themselves.” [MM]

Palate cleanser: