You Gotta Believe

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• “[Y]’all seen this television ad on, where Hillary’s opponent says I don’t take money from oil companies? …[G]uess what? … It’s been illegal to take political contributions from oil companies for 100 years. It’s almost like saying, you know, ‘Vote for me, I brush my teeth every morning.’ Or, ‘Vote for me, I never robbed a bank.’ Or, you know. I say that, because this is not about advertisements.” [Hotline]

• “Mitt Romney was the candidate I feared the most.” [WSJ]

• “Of course a film about 2000 wouldn’t be complete without Longboat Key’s Katherine Harris.. Actress Laura Dern plays Harris, the then Florida’s Secretary of State who certified the election results.” [Harold Tribune]

• “Nevermind that Hillary Clinton hasn’t ever really ever done anything for the gay community. They just like her moxie. … Surprisingly, they like my Diva theory. To them, a diva is exactly what we need in the White House.” [TPM]

• “Now it turns out the Colbert Bump is real.” [FBNY]

• “[S]ince the pronouncements of improvement in Iraq have come from such an unreliable messenger, the Bush Administration, they have been easy to discount. Perhaps too easy.” [Also TPM]