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Mike Huckabee retains a rosy view of his occasionally stunning, but ultimately losing campaign for the White House. “I kind of like to think of my campaign not as we lost,” he says, “but as the game ended before we finished playing.” So, of course, he has no reservations about starting all over.

Not that he is declaring his candidacy for 2012–just yet. (He will tell you that he was the youngest Republican candidate to run this cycle.) He is starting slower, with a debut next week of Huck PAC, a new political action committee to support other conservative candidates for federal office, including John McCain’s presidential campaign. “I want to continue to build the community,” he said Thursday night, in a conference call with thousands of supporters organized by Charisma, a magazine for evangelicals. (You can listen to the full call here.)

In addition to campaigning for McCain, Huckabee also said he has plans to write a new book. On what might he now opine? Well, it’s clear he has a lot of strong opinions about the lessons learned from his campaign. For starters, as he said Thursday, Christian conservatives should move beyond their worries about winning and losing, and just vote for their favorite candidate. He said he was still disappointed in the “so-called leaders” of the conservative movement, the “doubters” and the “ones who stand in the pulpits” who did not support him even though he agreed with him. “When it comes to their own political realm they think more secularly than the secular,” he said on the phone call. “Some really worship at the alter of electability.”

For more info on Huck PAC, you can click over to the Huckabee homepage and wait for the Huck-a-Doomsday Clock to run out.