Obama Conference Call for March 5

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It’ll be at 1pm EST, and I’ll be on it. Once again, if you have suggestions for questions to ask senior adviser David Axelrod, put ’em in the comments. You can read up on what Axelrod’s spin/plan/guess/hope is for the campaign here. A pre-narrowed Google search here. He is probably the most nebbishy guy ever to have the nickname “Ax.”

UPDATE: I didn’t get a question in! Rats. I am, however, quite sure there will be more. Will have audio of the conference ASAP; be prepared: It was pretty much entirely process, with a dash of NAFTA thrown in.

The theme of the call was that Hillary Clinton is a skeevy sneak, and possibly ridden with conflict of interests that she’s being disingenuous about. Example number one: Tax returns. “There’s absolutely no reason not to release 2006 tax returns,” which, Ax said, would be easy! “She’s talked about change you can xerox, well, you can xerox your tax returns.” Please. Also, “it’s important people realize what the sources of income are.”

Drinking game words: kitchen sink, kick the can, transparency, vetted.

Favorite quotes, both from Ax: “She’s been a habitual non-discloser” and, on Hillary again: “I don’t think there’s any candidate left in this campaign that’s been vetted less,” which is such bad spin I thought for a second he was channeling Penn. I mean, again, COME ON.