Get thee to Vegas, John McCain

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I have a story up today about the remarkable two-month run of luck that made John McCain the Republican nominee. To wit:

Almost everything broke his way: Mike Huckabee won Iowa, crippling the powerhouse campaign of Mitt Romney. Rudy Giuliani abandoned New Hampshire, allowing his moderate supporters to shift to McCain. Fred Thompson stayed in the race until South Carolina, bleeding enough votes away from Huckabee to allow McCain to win that key state. Even Huckabee seemed to cooperate, devoting crucial days to a foolhardy effort in Michigan and swearing off any negative attacks on McCain before he bowed out of the race Tuesday night.

And on Tuesday McCain got the greatest gift of all: An increasingly nasty Democratic nomination fight that will last at least through April. Now all McCain has to do is figure out how to use a normal teleprompter like everyone else.