Something Strange Going on in GOP Precincts in Texas?

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Bloggers at the Dallas Morning News notice an unusually large number of Democratic voters in GOP precincts:

I live in GOP-heavy western Allen, and walked in just behind an older man today at Green Elementary. He paused and asked an election worker what he should be doing, where he should go.

“That’s the Republican primary over there, that’s the Democratic primary over here,” said an election worker.

“Well, I’m a Republican!” he said emphatically.

“Well, sir, then you should go over there,” she said, pointing to the two tables with four election workers and three – yes, three – voters.

He scanned the room to the right and looked at the 80 or so folks in the Democrat area.

“Wh-wha-where are all the Republicans?” he said.

“Right over there,” I said, pointing to Democrat area.

The election worker nodded and smiled. The man pondered out loud that “I guess I could go vote for Hillary … but I want Huckabee.” He went to the Republican side.

UPDATE: And more.