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Our Wonderful Iraqi Allies

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This is outrageous…and dangerous as well. The Maliki government allows two high-ranking, murdering crooks to go free after they–obviously–intimidate all the potential witnesses. This was a very high profile case, a real test of whether the Maliki government would insist on justice that punishes Shi’ites…in this case, Sadr-related Shi’ites who were alleged to have been massively corrupt and to have operated death squads out of the Ministry of Interior.

You have to wonder what impact this–plus the visit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad–will have on the Sunnis, who think the Maliki government is just a bunch of camouflaged Iranian agents, in any case. I’ll be especially interested to watch the reaction of those Sunnis in the Community Awakening Councils–i.e. the former jihadis–who switched over to our side in the past year and have been having trouble getting cooperation from the national government.