Obama and Clinton Conference Calls from March 2

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Personally, I would be happy to never listen to another one of these again, but I think The Page has the right idea in posting them for the world to hear (if they want to): Raw data has value in a world where it’s way too easy to ingest nothing but processed idea-food. So, with that in mind, here they are. (Technical note: links will open an MP3 file. If you want to just download to listen to later, you can right-click the link and select “download” from the contextual menu options.)

Obama conference call with David Plouffe, and excerpts from a call with Obama supporter John Kerry

Clinton conference call with Wolfson and Penn

The Clinton campaign is doing another call in about 30 minutes, I’ll ask to get it — and the pretty much inevitable Obama responding one — as well. (Oh, and feel free to suggest questions for it!)

UPDATE: This is how the Clinton team is framing the reason for the call:

With the Rezko trial opening yesterday, Howard Wolfson and Phil Singer hold a conference call today at 10:30am EST to address Sen. Obama’s refusal to answer basic questions and to discuss the state of the race.

You know, I had this whole project in mind to create a live archive of all the various emails that the campaigns send reporters (or at least me), but there is, frankly, just too much for a part-time effort. Where’s my intern when I need her….

UPDATE: Wow. These are great. I’ll definitely try to get one of them in (I’m thinking the second or the third).