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Obama Nerves

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A few days ago, I criticized the Clinton spinsters for stupid, implausible horse race expectations spin–they said Obama had to win everywhere in order to be considered a winner on March 4–and so it’s only fair to note that Obama spinster David Plouffe is now doing the very same thing:

If they do not win Texas and Ohio by healthy double digit margins – and they led by healthy double digit margins as recently as two weeks ago – they will be facing almost impossible odds to reverse the delegate math.

Plouffe’s statement is marginally less obnoxious than the Clinton spin, since it happens to be true: If Clinton doesn’t start Winning…Big…Everywhere, she’s not going to win the nomination…But the Obama campaign has been notable for usually refusing to indulge in this sort of spin-nonsense–and so it’s notable that they’re doing it now. Gotta wonder: Are they worried that tomorrow won’t go so well?