Re: The McCain Story

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What Klein said about what Scherer said. It seems worth adding, however, that the Washington Post has a far more straightforward story on this whole business today.

Another point: The Post story, which has former strategist John Weaver quoted on the record as saying he warned the lobbyist in question to stay away from McCain, suggests that Mark Salter’s comments to Ana (“No staffer had the authority to ban a person from the office or instruct staff to keep their distance from someone but one. Me, and I never did nor did I have any reason to.”) are more than a little disingenuous. No staffer did it, perhaps, but the campaign’s chief strategist acknowledges that he did.

And by the way, would this have been a story if this had been a male lobbyist? Why isn’t anyone making any noises about lobbyist Charlie Black acting as a McCain campaign spokesman?

Just asking.