The Aetheist* Atheist, Vegetarian, Veteran, Lifetime NRA Member Weighs In

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Short version: He’s cold. Swampdad, live from the great white north:

I am listening to [Obama] and, again, I really like what he says. I still believe any Dem beats any Rep – and that is the reason McCain has been allowed a revival. I like McCain, love him really. Now I think Obama is going to beat Clinton. And I think he will chose Jim Webb as VP. Invincible combo. That pair would crush.

It is -25C actual with what they call blowing snow. With wind factored, it feels like -45C — awfully cold. It is not really snowing. The wind is so strong that it picks up the snow off the ground and it looks like it is snowing. I just want to stay home, but Winnipegers pay no attention. In fact an outdoor festival starts soon.

Swampdad’s views do not reflect those of this station. (But still: Obama-Webb? Can we arrange a GOP Pres-D VP debate?)

*We’re both semi-dyslexic.