Momentum and Inertia

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Fred just came to McCain’s defense and tweaked Romney for having changed positions on immigration, and then Rudy piled on on Mitt as well (arguing that the program both he and McCain have endorsed is “not amnesty”). I’ve long heard from other campaigns that Romney is the only candidate that is personally disliked by the other candidates, and I wonder if that’s what is motivating this pile-on.

The only thing that needs to happen in this debate for Huckabee and McCain is to not derail the current narrative. Mitt is in the position of having to overcome the sense that he’s going down.

Romney’s campaign just sent out a memo pushing back on McCain’s claim that his plan was not amnesty: “I Think We Can Set Up A Program Where Amnesty Is Extended To A Certain Number Of People Who Are Eligible…

Zing! But, of course, that quote is from 2003, and I’m not sure Romney wants to get into game of throwing around quotes that are four or five years old….