Clinton, Hillary

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My colleague Nancy Gibbs and I* next went to Durham to await Hillary Clinton at an event she had scheduled for undecided voters. The venue was a little restaurant called the Bagelry, which could hold about 50 people. There were more reporters and camera crews there than voters–and the voters included some people who told us this was simply their Saturday morning hangout. Some didn’t even know the primary was Tuesday (a useful reminder of the bubble in which we are living). Others I talked to said they were there because the campaign had left a message on their answering machine asking them to come meet the candidate. She was running late, people were getting restless, the campaign said she was still at least a half-hour away, so we decided to leave and catch Bill at 2 in Amherst.

*She drives, while I type and the disembodied voice of a GPS we’ve named “Vivian” tells us where to go.

UPDATE: Over at Huffpost, Tom Edsall tells us what happened back at the Bagelry after we left.