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Edwards Attacks

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The Edwards campaign has started attacking Obama as a tool of the corporate interests. In fact, Obama did negotiate a deal--with corporate interests–that enabled the Illinois legislature to take a baby step toward expanding coverage. It would not have happened if Obama had followed the Edwards screw-you-corporate-pig theory of negotiation…But then, I don’t believe for a minute that President Edwards, faced with the possibility of a quarter of a loaf… or no loaf at all, wouldn’t make the deal.
No one doubts that it’s going to be very hard to pass a universal health care package, given the fierce objections of the insurance industry–and, in fact, one of the weak points of Obama’s campaign is that he’s not even proposing a universal plan–but those of who want to see universal happen may have to be ready for a step-by-step process. And I believe Obama’s strategy (and Clinton’s) offers a far more realistic path to progress than Edwards does.