Election Day Drop-by

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Hat tip to Marriott bellman Mike, who tells me he was startled to see none other than Bill Clinton coming out the door at my favorite corner of downtown Des Moines. Huckabee folks tell me the former President (and fellow former Arkansas Governor) just happened to be in the neighborhood, and wanted to say hi. I’m not sure, but I doubt that he crossed the hall to do the same at Ron Paul Central.

UPDATE: Just got this email back from Huckabee Iowa campaign manager Eric Woolson, whom I asked about Clinton’s visit to their HQ:

How did I miss that?

Campaign people are obviously very, very focused today.


UPDATE 2–More from Eric:

I guess he was just walking by, he was in jeans and just stopped in. He
shook hands with Lt. Todd Dykstra and Sgt. Larry Davey, two off-duty Des
Moines police officers who were here today doing security for us. He also
shook ahnds with several volunteers. My assistant and I were right here in
my office and we didn’t even know he was here!
So, I guess we have to say it was very considerate of him but it is safe to
say it was very low-key. I wish he’d taken a moment to stick his head in my
office but I guess he decided we were working pretty hard and he didn’t want
to interrupt us.