Obama’s Attack

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Swamphusband looks at the actual substance (!) of the Obama “Punjab” letter:

But what was it, in the end, that this horridly gauche campaign document was actually saying? That both Hillary Clinton and her husband have extensive blind-trust investments in Indian companies that outsource jobs from the U.S. to India, and that both have pulled down hefty speaking fees from such firms, and from their U.S. counterparts who want to keep their work forces young and underpaid with steady infusions of engineers and software specialists from the South Asian subcontinent. While all this information came bearing the superficial appearance—and snidely insinuating tone—of a heavy-breathing personal attack, it was actually addressing a matter of serious policy concern, especially to American workers in the software industry. And the Clintons’ financial ties to Indian subcontractors of cheap tech labor are especially germane, it seems, as the Senate weighs a plan to double existing quotas for H-1B visas in the new immigration package—the extended-stay documents that permit U.S. tech giants to import I.T. talent from overseas while kissing off many older, higher-wage U.S. workers.

With this, Swamphusband has actually gotten more further (oops) firmly behind the document than the Obama campaign itself. A friend and I were watching CNN last night (at a bar) and we were both kind of stunned at the legs on this story — but it’s only about outrage, not (badumbum) the outsourcing.