What Wealth Buys In Politics: A Crank Call To Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got pranked. A talk show host, claiming to be conservative moneybags David Koch, called up the governor to talk about the union showdown in the state. Walker did not really say much different in private than he would have in public. (“Yeah, good stuff,” Walker says about Andrew Brietbart, at one point, but …

Proof Russ Feingold Is Not Just Another Democrat

Wisconsin incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold is bucking the trend and running a straight-up pro-health care reform spot. The ad itself is not all that remarkable, but it stands out in a year when Democrats who voted for reform are trying hard to talk about other issues, while Democrats who voted against it are touting their opposition.

The …

Tuesday’s Primaries

Tuesday is primary day in seven states and the District of Columbia. This will be the last major primary before the midterm elections (only one state remains after this: Hawaii on Sept. 18). Even this late in the game there are still some fascinating races to watch. Here are five:

  1. Mike Castle v. Christine O’Donnell, Republicans for

McCain Curtails Ads in NH and WI

A Democratic source tells TIME that John McCain is stretching his media buys in New Hampshire and Wisconsin, spacing out ads they’ve already bought to last through the rest of the election. The move would mean they would not spend any more ad money in the states, effectively pulling out without taking the hit in the press the way they …

Slinging Cheese Curds

When did Wisconsin get so nasty? In week dominated by tit-for-tat conference calls, mailers and tv spots filled with accusations and counter-punches the Obama campaign said today they expect this is just a preview for the Ohio and Texas contests on March 4.

“I would imagine that what your seeing in Wisconsin is just a precursor to …

Obama Claims the (Thorny) Crown

His blowout victories yesterday in the Potomac Primaries have prompted Barack Obama’s campaign to finally embrace his frontrunner status. After weeks of downplaying expectations, even before contests where he led in the polls by 20+ percentage points, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe today said: “We believe that it’s next to …

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