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I’m torn between basic human curiosity, journalistic voyeurism…and my better angels, which tell me that any death photos of Osama bin Laden will make life more dangerous for the thousands of American soldiers and diplomats, as well as untold numbers of private citizens, both businesspeople and tourists, who spend time in iffy places overseas.

If bin Laden Was Unarmed, Why Was He Shot?

Updated 3:02 p.m.

A major question lingers unanswered at the center of this story: Why was bin Laden killed? Michael Scherer has reported that the Navy Seals who landed at Osama bin Laden’s safehouse were not given orders specifically to kill, but were on a “kill or capture” mission. That implies they were prepared to accept bin …

Political Vindication in Obama’s Bin Laden Speech

This is an exciting day–I can’t remember ever feeling jubilant about someone’s death before–and it’s probably lame to start dissecting the politics. Especially since the basic politics are no-duh obvious: This is a really great day for President Obama. But since this is supposed to be a blog about politics, and the dissections have …

Outside the White House, Rowdy Jubilation Over Bin Laden’s Death

It was the world’s biggest death party. The news of Osama bin Laden’s killing drew a few thousand Washingtonians to the White House on Sunday night, transforming Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park into the site of a jubilant frat party. Draped in American flags, the jumbled mass of strangers chanted “U-S-A,” mugged for the …

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