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Iowa’s Straw Poll Madness

Item updated below with Pawlenty campaign response

GOP primary reporters and junkies should read Walter Shapiro’s latest New Republic story (subscription required) on the absurd overhyping of Iowa’s quadrennial Republican primary straw poll, whose 2012 edition will be held in Ames on August 13. In Shapiro’s persuasive telling, the …

In Minnesota Shutdown, Wider Budget Conflict Comes to a Head

“We will not saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debts, with promises for funding levels that will not be there in the future,” said the Republican House Speaker, publicly feuding with the Democratic executive over how best to trim yawning deficits. “This is debt that they can’t afford. It’s debt that we can’t afford …

Herman Cain and the “Credible” Candidates

In the Des Moines Register’s poll released Saturday surveying Iowa Republicans’ preferences for their party’s presidential nomination, former Godfather’s pizza CEO Herman Cain came in third behind Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. If you’ve been following media odds-making, that ranking may surprise you. But it’s only the …

In the Arena In the Arena

Silly Pawlenty

The Republican criticism of President Obama’s Afghanistan drawdown has been muted, by the usual screechy standards. But there have been some real clunkers. Take this utterly absurd statement from Tim Pawlenty yesterday:

I thought [Obama’s] speech was deeply concerning. Look how he phrased the outcome of this war. He said we need to end

Defining Pawlentycare

On the campaign trial – especially the presidential campaign trail – nuance rarely breaks through the fog of generalization. Mitt Romney is the frontrunner and a flip-flopper on the issues. Michele Bachmann is the Tea Party …

The GOP vs. the Fed

Which arm of government is most deplored by today’s Republican Party? It might be the allegedly jobs-killing Environmental Protection Agency. Or perhaps it’s the Health and Human Services Department, now tyrannically implementing …

Tim Pawlenty Tries to Turn the Page, Make Money

When running for President of the United States, there are certain things you never want to hear your advisers saying to the press. “I have not yet seen the National Enquirer story,” is one. “The literati sent out their minions to do their bidding,” is another. “Something will happen. Anthony Weiner will resign. Something will happen,” …

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