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The Root of Tea

Andrew Sullivan comes to the rescue of those of us who’ve been puzzling over the inchoate, and militantly uninformed, and non-prescriptive anger of the Tea Party movement by linking to an essay by New School professor J.M. Bernstein on the Hegelian roots of this anomie. It is a lovely piece of work, and I recommend that you read both …

Super (Primary) Tuesday

Tomorrow is Super Primary Tuesday with 10 states holding primary contests for Congress and governor’s mansions. Also, in Arkansas Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her Senate seat in a crucial run off with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Here’s a primer from TIME’s Katy Steinmetz and me about the top races to look for.

A Dispatch From Virginia’s Fightin’ Fifth

Our colleague Alex Altman files this story from the Commonwealth. Freshman Democrat Tom Perriello, a loyal party warrior who stuck his neck out on health reform, cap-and-trade, etc. despite the deep purples and reds of his district, faces an uphill re-election battle. With the GOP eager to capitalize, a crowded field and Tea Party …

Texas Governor’s Race

What’s the best evidence that you are no longer a fringe candidate? It’s when the once-leading contender can no longer afford to ignore you. And that’s what we see in this statement today from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison about her Tea Party rival in the primary contest against incumbent Governor Rick Perry:

Austin, TX – Today,


From TIME’s Sophia Yan:

Ripples of protesters, thousands of them of all ages, lined Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol Saturday. Deafening chants could be heard, from “You lie, you lie!” 
echoing South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s Wednesday speech to plaintive

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