Tea Party

The ‘Hell No’ Caucus Makes Its Stand

On Thursday afternoon, the House Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee held a hearing on the consequences of a debt default. They invited four distinguished economists to sketch a gruesome picture: tanking markets, skyrocketing interest rates, a plunging dollar, a new recession–a grim chain of horrible outcomes that would scare any …

The Perils of Political Pledges

The political pledge is a handy weapon in the political advocate’s arsenal. They work. Build a simple statement around a popular principle — keeping taxes low, opposing abortion — and you can pressure skittish politicians to …

The Affordable Care Act Gets Another Day in Court

Evoking the Continental Congress and Alexander Hamilton – and referencing Sen. Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts – Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli emerged from a federal courtroom today sounding confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately find the Affordable Care Act to be unconstitutional.

Cuccinelli is …

In Which the Tea Party Outdoes Progressives

One political dynamic that’s emerging this election season is the strength of the right and the weakness of the left.

While the Tea Party appears, in many ways, to be steering the ship of the Republican Party, on the other end of the spectrum, progressives may feel like their banging their heads against the wall.

Just take a …

Why The Tea Party Can Help The Republican Brand

According to the emails I get every day from the Democratic National Committee, the Tea Party movement is a Democratic gold mine. It has helped to nominate unpopular Republicans, like Sharon Angle in Nevada, and it has split conservative vote in districts like New York-23, allowing Democrats to win even when they should not. It is also …

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