Dispatches from Springfield III

Chicago, Illinois
My story on the day’s events. Tomorrow we go to church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin followed by a picnic at the somewhat politically named Rod and Gun Park. I’m unsure if we’ll actually see Obama with a gun or a rod, but BBQ is promised.

Dispatches from Springfield II

Springfield, Illinois
Okay, seems I was wrong about the crowd size. We’re told there’s 35,000 people here. Obama had a bit of a slip of the tongue introducing Biden. “The next president… The next vice president of the United States!” The crowd laughed. Biden, I’m told accepted the offer on the call Thursday night. There’s …

Dispatches from Springfield I

Springfield, Illinois
We just arrived at the state capitol. We’re told Biden is en route and on the plane Obama spokeswoman Linda Douglass told us that Obama called Biden Thursday night to offer him the job

It is literally 90 degrees warmer than it was on February 10, 2007. The lectern’s all set up with the new Obama/Biden logo. …