Bad Guy vs. Bad Guy In The Illinois Senate Race

Both Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Alexi Gioannoulias went way negative today with new ads. To wit:

As a 34-year-old myself, I think 34-year-olds everywhere should protest this age-based smear. John F. Kennedy began his campaign for the U.S. senate, which he won, when he was 34. And there are lots of other 34-year-olds of …

Beyond Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist

Our colleague Michael Grunwald has a story out today on the likely Democratic candidate in the race for Florida’s Senate seat. Yes, a Democrat is running, despite that much of the political oxygen is being sucked up by Republican candidate Marco Rubio and newly minted independent Charlie Crist. That Democrat is Kendrick Meek and although …

Toomey/Sestak Race Starts Ugly

On Tuesday night as Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter took the stage to give his concession speech he thanked the crowd and remarked at the large number of media in the room – which nearly doubled the size of his audience. “Look at all these reporters, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many,” he said chuckling lightly at his …

Specter Exits Stage Left

Arlen Specter has survived a lot of things: a brain tumor, two bouts with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and five squeaker elections for the U.S. Senate. But in an anti-establishment year where the far right hates the moderates and the far left hates the moderates, Specter – whose voting record over the past 30 years is almost perfectly down the …

War on the Home Front

From TIME’s Pentagon Correspondent, Mark Thompson, who also happens to hail from the Nutmeg State:

Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat seeking to succeed Christopher Dodd in the U.S. Senate, did a lot more fighting over Vietnam Tuesday than he ever did inside the country. That’s because, despite his claims to the contrary, he

The Trader’s View On Derivatives Reform

Wallace C. Tubeville, a former Goldman Sachs VP and former CEO of derivative broker VMAC, has done us all a service. In a post on New Deal 2.0, he lays out the over-the-counter derivative trader’s view of why financial reform is a bad thing.

A level playing field is anathema to the trader. Successful traders must have advantages over

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