Stupak Votes Nay, erhmm… Yea?

Bart Stupak and the congressional leaders are in a complicated mating dance. In a bold courting move this morning leadership sources leaked that the Michigan Democrat was a Yea. Not so quick, replied Stupak’s office. Coyly, he said, he’s still in talks and reviewing the executive order. Word back from leadership sources is that Rep. John …

Pelosi Chokes Up

The topic of the day on all the cable nets seems to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s emotional plea for calm during her regular weekly briefing yesterday.


From TIME’s Sophia Yan:

Ripples of protesters, thousands of them of all ages, lined Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol Saturday. Deafening chants could be heard, from “You lie, you lie!” 
echoing South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s Wednesday speech to plaintive