Today’s Primaries

If it’s a Tuesday it’s a primary day and today voters are heading to the polls in Washington and Wyoming.

Voting has been going on in Washington for two weeks already and it looks likely that former State Senator Dino Rossi will easily win his primary. But the race hasn’t left him totally unscathed. Rossi, who lost two very …

And the Winner Is…

Anyone hoping for a sign that the anti-establishment fever has peaked got mixed messages from Colorado’s Senate primaries Tuesday night.

On the Democratic side, establishment favorite Michael Bennet won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, beating out former Colorado House speaker Andrew Romanoff with 54% of the vote with 77% of

Today’s Races

Today’s Tuesday and that means voting. Colorado, Connecticut and Minnesota are holding primaries and Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial races holds a run off. By tonight we’ll know if another incumbent scalp, that of Colorado’s Michael Bennet, has been claimed or if the throw-the-bums-out mentality this cycle is abating somewhat. Here’s a

Welcome Back, Pragmatism

People are unhappy. They’ve been unhappy for a while: through Enron and the .com bubble bursting, 9/11, two wars, Katrina. They thought Barack Obama would bring change but few have felt the changes he’s wrought: who can imagine how bad the economy could have gotten sans stimulus? It feels bad enough as it is. Then came the Gulf oil …

Super (Primary) Tuesday

Tomorrow is Super Primary Tuesday with 10 states holding primary contests for Congress and governor’s mansions. Also, in Arkansas Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her Senate seat in a crucial run off with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Here’s a primer from TIME’s Katy Steinmetz and me about the top races to look for.

It’s election time, again!

Tomorrow, Massachusetts voters will go to the polls for primaries to fill Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat. Bet on whomever can survive on the lowest turnout. No, seriously, having lived in Massachusetts for six bitter winters, I can attest: ain’t nobody gonna be lining up outside in the cold for any of these virtually unheard of …

3 Before Breakfast

Here we go. Today is the last day of the Democratic primaries and Obama has already raked in threee superdelegates before breakfast including the powerful Jim Clyburn, Majority Whip and the top African American in the House. Clyburn announced his endorsement on the Today Show this morning, saying: “Today the primary process draws to a …

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