The Democrats’ Communication Problem – Part 2

It’s just one poll, but Greg Sargent notices that a recent survey from Pew and National Journal indicates that the vast majority of Democrats don’t feel this has been a particularly successful Congress, legislation-wise. As Sargent notes, just 33% of Democrats believe this Congress accomplished more than recent Congresses. (37% said it …

Obama Plays Offense On Television, Defense In Polls

Just now in Portland, Maine, Obama had a message for his Republican detractors:

And now that [health care reform’s] passed, they’re already promising “We’re going to repeal it.” They’re going to run on a platform of repeal in November. And my attitude is, go for it. You try to repeal it. I want — I want these Members of Congress to

The Millennial Voting Bloc: Waiting to be Wooed?

The group of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 could rival Yahweh for most names. Various cross sections are called the iGeneration, Generation Y, the (Inter)Net Generation, Echo Boomers, Generation Next — or, as at the Pew Research Center’s youth culture panels on Wednesday, the Millennials.

Social gurus had convened to …