— Percentage of Americans who favor killing U.S. citizens suspected of terrorist activities, according to a CBS poll released today.

Coffee Talk with Democracy Corps

Democratic gurus James Carville and Stanley Greenberg were the guests at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this morning, where they discussed the results of a Democracy Corps poll on the deficit. The results from the survey aren’t likely to inspire jaw drops: 93% of the 1,000-plus voters polled say they view the deficit as a major …

Obama Takes a Hit in PA Poll

First poll of Pennsylvania voters post-“bitter” comments shows Obama taking a hit. The American Research Group had him and Clinton neck-and-neck with 45% each in its April 5-6 survey. The group’s April 11-13 poll has Obama at 37% to Clinton’s 57%.

Of course, this is just one poll. It’ll be interesting to see others as they come later …