The Candidate Religious Voters Want in 2012

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life this afternoon released a report on presidential preferences for religious groups. The polling was conducted between Sept. 22-Oct. 4, before the Cain roller coaster took off, but it still offers insight into how key Christian voting blocs will play in 2012.

Tim Pawlenty Becomes a Romney Surrogate

It’d be a mistake to overstate the impact of a single endorsement, especially one from a one-time rival who never commanded much in the way of national popularity or resources, but Tim Pawlenty’s quick backing of Mitt Romney says a few things about the current primary race, only now rounding the corner into its first straightaway.

In the Arena In the Arena

Romney=Kerry; Perry=Dean?

In my print column this week, hidden behind the magic wonderwall, I indulge in a little presidential campaign history: Four years ago, in September 2007, John McCain–the eventual Republican nominee–was dead in the water, having raised and wasted a ton of money and fired most of his staff. Eight years ago, John Kerry–the eventual …