paul ryan

Defining Pawlentycare

On the campaign trial – especially the presidential campaign trail – nuance rarely breaks through the fog of generalization. Mitt Romney is the frontrunner and a flip-flopper on the issues. Michele Bachmann is the Tea Party …

Some Medicare Ideas Worth Considering

Maybe Joe Lieberman was feeling left out of the current debt ceiling and budget fight. That might explain why the independent Ssenator from Connecticut has chosen this moment to offer a new plan to reform Medicare. Lieberman laid out his proposal in a recent Washington Post op-ed. The headline, “How Medicare Can Be Saved,” is a stretch …

Huntsman, the Moderate, Endorses Ryan Medicare Plan

Ever since GOP House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan unveiled a plan to, among other things, voucherize Medicare, Democrats have been practically gloating about the opening Ryan created. One by one the 2012 GOP presidential candidates are being asked whether they endorse Ryan’s plan, praised as courageous by many conservatives, in …

Is Paul Ryan’s Plan the New Third Rail of GOP Politics?

Paul Ryan often says that he hopes to invert the notion that Social Security is the third rail of American politics. In Ryan’s ideal world, not tackling entitlement reform and deficit reduction would become the new third rail. I doubt the country has swung that way yet, but it seems that attacking Paul Ryan’s entitlement plan has become …

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