The RNC’s Diversity Pageant


Mia Love is not a household name. But ask any savvy Republican here, and they’ll tell you the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, is one of the party’s political phenoms. Love, 37, is a congressional candidate for Utah’s 4th district. More importantly, she’s a black Mormon with sterling Tea Party credentials. This is the sort of …

Romney Rolls in Nevada

Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses by a wide margin on Saturday night, quickening the front runner’s pace toward the Republican presidential nomination. The victory, his second blowout in a week, set the tone for the quiet month …

Facing Long Odds, Ron Paul Aims High in Nevada

Ron Paul is aiming high in Saturday’s Nevada caucus. The conventional wisdom states that Mitt Romney has the Silver State and its 28 nominating delegates in his pocket, following his massive 51% share of the vote in the 2008 primary. Four years ago, Paul came in second with just 14%. Still, the Paul campaign has been playing hard in …

Why Ron Paul Is Gambling on Nevada

Ron Paul will soon move to Nevada.

Okay, we mean that figuratively. Instead of chasing the other Republican contenders to Florida following the South Carolina primary on Jan. 21, Paul is going west, gambling on a strong showing in the Silver State. His campaign manager, Jesse Benton, says they don’t have the estimated $9 million …

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