Barbour ‘At Peace’ with Pardons, but Scandal Rages On

Jackson, Mississippi

Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Friday defended more than 200 pardons he issued during his final days in office, 41 of which he gave to convicted murderers, sex offenders and child molesters.

“Mississippians are mostly Christians,” Barbour said in a lengthy statement, which he read at a Jackson …

Clichés, Levees and Federal Funds

As Washington debates Medicare, taxes, deficits and the future of the budget, it’s become a cliché to say that Americans like big government but don’t like to pay for it.  Most clichés are true. And as the swollen Mississippi River barrels south toward New Orleans, you can see a stark example of that in the city’s flood protection.

UPDATE2: The Other Race to Watch

Following up on Karen’s update. The really interesting character in this is McCain, who recorded robocalls for Davis but didn’t personally visit. The Dem victory calls into question McCain’s coattails, as Gingrich warned, but it also makes me wonder why McCain’s been immune to the backlash against the GOP thus far in national …

The Other Race To Watch Today

While most folks (okay, those of us political geeks who can’t get enough) will be riveted tonight to the returns in West Virginia, there is another election worth watching tonight: the Congressional race in Mississippi’s First district to replace Roger Wicker, who left to fill Trent Lott’s Senate seat. This is a district that …