Michelle Obama on the Campaign Trail

The First Lady has been hard at work from Berkeley to Bethesda drumming up support for her “Let’s Move” exercise initiative, as well as her husband’s re-election campaign. TIME’s photo editors bring you her best moments from the trail.

In the Arena In the Arena

Lessons of the Post-9/11 Military

Earlier this week, I attended the retirement ceremony of General David Petraeus at Fort Meyer. It was a landmark moment, the closing of a chapter–the decade after 9/11. I’ve written about the transformation of the U.S. Military at length, including a column about Petraeus’ intellectual impact on the Army and a cover story about how …

The DADT Survey

The survey the Department of Defense is giving to 400,000 service members about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is now online. Read it here.

The questions in the survey ask respondents to answer 32 pages of questions that include whether they know of gays serving in the military with them, how they feel repealing DADT would affect morale and …