Marco Rubio

Crist Exits Stage Left, And The Show’s Just Getting Started

Florida Governor Charlie Crist exited the Republican senate primary with much fanfare this evening, announcing his intention to run without party affiliation before a hometown crowd of supporters in St. Petersburg and under the bright lights of a captivated national media. His decision not only launched a fascinating three-way Senate …

Being Mitt Romney

Michael and I have both written before about Mitt Romney’s health care quandary. He was the architect of the Massachusetts reform plan that closely resembles the new national plan that just became law. Yet, he’s also a presumed candidate for president in 2012 and would be vying for the nomination of a party that has staked its …

Obama: The Most Popular Insult In Florida

Well Charlie Crist’s latest radio ad certainly throws a healthy dose of cold water on those whispers about him switching parties:

There were never any credible reports he was mulling a flip, but musings about the Florida governor and Republican Senate hopeful taking desperate action were understandable given the brutal beating he …


The annual Conservative Political Action Conference launched today in Washington DC. I’ll be heading up to the Marriot Wardman in Woodley Park shortly to check out some of the afternoon festivities. But I caught Marco Rubio – probably the most anticipated speaker of the three-day event — on C-SPAN this morning.

The former speaker …

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