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The Return of Karl Rove

When Karl Rove left the Bush White House in 2007, he was a battered figure. The President whose two elections he had engineered had become unloved by all but die-hard Republicans. Democrats had won back control of the Congress, …

In the Arena In the Arena

Roving Far and Wide

Karl Rove is a great American patriot, a genius, a statesman, even. And now he has proven his phenomenal, overflowing patriotism by setting up a secretive finance group, in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce–that’s right, our very own, United States Chamber of Commerce–to run sleazy political ads, funded by

Obama Would Fire The Afpak Leaker

At least, that’s what he tells CBS’s Chip Reid:

Reid says he asked the president if he’s as angry as Defense Secretary Robert Gates about all the leaks coming out of his administration about the Afghanistan decision.

“I think I’m angrier than Bob Gates about it,” Mr. Obama replied. “We have deliberations in the situation room