joe wilson

What Will Joe Wilson Do Tonight?

Apparently, behave himself. The congressman made famous for yelling “You lie!” in the middle of President Obama’s health care speech tells AP that we shouldn’t expect a repeat performance during the State of the Union address tonight:

“I am a gentleman. My natural inclination is to be on my best behavior,” he said. “I have the

Our Chatty Cathy Congress

Those of us former little girls of a certain age can remember a doll that we all had to have. She was called Chatty Cathy, and if you pulled a string in her neck, she would say things like “Please brush my hair” and “Let’s have a party!”

It turns out that Chatty Cathy and the United States House of Representatives have a lot in …

President Obama Accepts Rep. Joe Wilson’s Apology

At the end of a cabinet meeting today, President Obama took a couple questions from reporters. The first:

Q Do you accept Wilson’s apology, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I do. I’m a big believer that we all make mistakes. He apologized quickly and without equivocation, and I’m appreciative of that.

That is right, to a point. Wilson …