Illinois Primary

Illinois Primary Reveals a Weakened Tea Party

Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum was the heavyweight bout in Illinois on Tuesday night, but one of the undercards was much more interesting. Democratic redistricting forced Republicans into their first intra-party primary skirmish of 2012, a bout that laid bare divisions between the GOP’s past and future.

Illinois Voters Go to the Polls

Illinois today kicks off what will be a long and fascinating primary season. Voters braved snow flurries to head to the polls this morning as balloting began for a number of local and statewide races, including contests for the U.S. Senate and governor’s mansion. The names Obama and Blagojevich may not be on the ticket but there are …

Kerry-Obama, Full Circle

Four years ago John Kerry took the stage on a rainy April evening in Chicago. It was the day after the Illinois primary – the contest that put Kerry over the 50% threshold of Democratic delegates and made him nominee presumptive. He was there to campaign on behalf of the newly minted Democratic nominee to represent Illinois in the …